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Community Resources

Our community resources feature member-submitted information, free community events, supportive forums, and more. Open to members and non-members alike.

Please Review Our Guidelines
  • Use of Community Resources
    Access to community resources is open to everyone, including non-members of the BWNJ community. To submit a community resource or participate in the community forums, individuals must be at least a basic tier BWNJ member.
  • Valuable Resources We Accept
    Local Assistance Programs: Information about local government or nonprofit assistance programs for housing, food, healthcare, childcare, and other essential needs. Career Development: Career workshops, interview prep services, interview attire donations, resume-building tips, and local job fair information. Student Support Services: Resources for academic support, such as tutoring services, study groups, and academic counseling provided by colleges or community organizations. Community Events and Workshops: Announcements about upcoming seminars, support groups, or recreational activities happening in the area. Health and Wellness Resources: Recommendations for affordable healthcare services, mental health support, fitness classes, and wellness programs available locally. Legal and Financial Guidance: Referrals to trustworthy legal aid services, financial counseling, or workshops on topics like budgeting, debt management, and understanding rights. Parenting and Family Support: Resources for parents, including parenting workshops, playgroups, childcare options, and family-friendly activities. Cultural and Recreational Activities: Recommendations for cultural events, art exhibitions, performances, and recreational activities happening in the area.
  • Prohibited Submissions
    Solicitation of Financial Investments: Submissions promoting investment opportunities or financial schemes that could potentially exploit members financially. Multi-level Marketing (MLM) or Pyramid Schemes: Content related to MLM or pyramid schemes that aim to recruit members for financial gain rather than offering genuine resources or support. Personal Advertisements or Promotions: Submissions solely aimed at promoting personal businesses, products, or services without providing value or resources to the community. Unauthorized Fundraising or Donation Requests: Any requests for donations or fundraising efforts that are not authorized or aligned with the community's goals and values. Misleading or False Information: Submissions containing misleading or false information that could harm or mislead members financially or otherwise. Inappropriate Content: Submissions containing inappropriate, offensive, or irrelevant content that does not contribute positively to the community's purpose. Political or Religious Campaigns: Content promoting political or religious campaigns that are unrelated to the community's focus on resources and support.
  • Forum Rules & Violations
    Respectful Communication: Be respectful and courteous in all interactions. Avoid personal attacks, harassment, or offensive language. Relevance of Content: Ensure that all submitted content is relevant to the community's purpose of sharing resources and information. Off-topic posts may be removed. No Solicitation or Advertising: Do not use the forum to solicit or promote personal businesses, products, services, or fundraising activities. No Spamming or Repetitive Posts: Avoid posting duplicate content, spam, or repetitive messages. Keep discussions focused and meaningful. No Illegal or Inappropriate Content: Do not share or promote illegal activities, inappropriate content, or copyrighted material without proper permission. Respect Privacy and Confidentiality: Do not share personal or confidential information about other members without their consent. Be Truthful and Accurate: Provide accurate and truthful information when sharing resources or recommendations. Verify facts and sources whenever possible. Use Proper Language and Etiquette: Use clear and professional language. Refrain from using all caps, excessive emojis, or text language that may be difficult to understand. Moderator Discretion: Respect decisions made by forum moderators. Moderators have the authority to edit or remove content that violates forum rules. Report Violations: If you encounter any inappropriate behavior or content, report it to the moderators for review and action.
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